You may be a person of great drive and dedication
A soul who knows true service is a thing that is not bought
But if your service is not done with faith and hope and love
Then every form of service that you do is just for naught.

You may be a gentle of great artistry and talent
A crafter who weaves wonder or who scribbles scrolls of skill
But if your art is not achieved with faith and hope and love
Then nothing that you do is worth the fabric or the quill.

You may be a fighter of a prowess great and daunting
A knight whose foe-man take to flight at mention of your name
But if you fight without a share of faith and hope and love
Then victory means nothing and your skill means much the same.

- Dunstan LeHeryngmongere

The Ladies of the Order of the Rose thank all of those who attended the 2015 Golden Rose Tournament. It was a day filled with fun, friends, frivolity and so much more. We hope to see many and more of you at next year's Tournament.